About Us

Mermaid's Meadow Founders

The journey began when two people reconnected after almost 40 years and found they both had unmanageable chronic conditions. One in the midst of preventative cancer treatment who was losing the taxing battle both mentally and physically; the other with chronic pain issues who was tired of pharmaceuticals which were merely band-aids doing the body more harm than good. Both being believers in the healing power of plant medicine, specifically how it could help provide us relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, lack of appetite and numerous other afflictions, we began educating ourselves on the human endocannabinoid system and began working with lab experts and industry leaders regarding the miraculous compounds found in both cannabis and hemp.

At Mermaid’s Meadow, we live and breathe hemp and cannabis wellness. Our Northern California craft family farm is devoted to cannabis and hemp wellness. With custom built facilities and proven cultivation methods, we combine the best of both old school mom and pop know-how along with forward-thinking agriculture practices: modern indoor cultivation systems and the tried-and-true power of natural outdoor sunlight. We are responsible farmers with a true love for the earth and the powerful medicine provided by hemp and cannabis.

CBD Products

Mermaid’s Meadow was born out of necessity, we advocate for natural plant-based healing with our ecologically minded quality products sourced from only highly scrutinized, verified and reliable, like minded sources. Our focus will be on the healing power of hemp based cannabidiol products - which are made from the highest purity, medical-grade hemp cannabidiol. The highest-quality ingredients, certified GMP manufacturing standards, and rigorous lab testing ensures customers receive the best products.